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Cosmic Awakening

As life itself –and the whole Matrix trilogy-, the painting is all about that: awakening. It depicts the blossoming into a greater self... or rather, into a whole; a higher state of consciousness. It’s about growth; about conscious rebirth.

We are one with the universe, the same way as each cell of our body is one with us. Even though we tend to forget it, even though we’ve created a society that teaches otherwise and promotes individuality, we are one with the living Earth and the immense cosmos. To understand and accept this fact is to break the chains and release ourselves from the self-imposed limitations; to break free from our egos. 

Writer Eckhart Tolle talks in his books about the importance of detaching ourselves from our identity, which is nothing more than an illusion to which we are chained to and that, sadly, society praises so unnecessarily high in a repeated manner all over the normalized expected behaviour of men to fit in. The feet of the woman in the painting, blended as the roots of a tree, are bursting into the cosmos as her lifetime-constructed identity dissolves and her ego, menaced, desperately tries to grasp.

The presence of the eye above the character plays an important role in the meaning of the piece. Two equally important readings can be inferred from it. First is the assimilation with the opening of the third eye. Second, the fact that the eye is outside of her body and she is reflected on the pupil depicts a reality that is key to the awakening process: to disidentify ourselves with our minds and be present as observers of our thoughts and emotions. We are not our minds, we are so much more.

Acceptance is ever present. Negation must be put aside to surrender to the real and let go of the past and future illusionary prison of time, welcome life as a whole infinity composed by the cycles of transformation we conceive as creation and destruction; water and flames; life and death.

Sensuality, often misconsidered a taboo, shines in the center of the artwork, for it is no less than the iniciator of the mesmerizing biological dance of procreation of the species and continuity of the cycles, depicted as the flower’s pistils in the shape of fallopian tubes.

Astrology is also all over the artwork. The outside is a reflection of the inside. This is how the universe behaves. Similar to how fractals are composed, the macro is what shapes the micro and vice versa. It is only coherent to relate ourselves to the bigger picture we call space, the same way every single microscopic part of our body relates to, and is directly affected by, us.

As a token of my gratitude towards the muse, I like to customize my art in a way that becomes meaningful to her as well. This is where Gemini and Aries come into the scene, showcasing the solar sign casting her light onto half of The Moon where the twins strive for balance as the Ying and the Yang. Thanks for you trust and patience.

References & Inspiration

The muse: alt model Kozmic Babe
Original photograph: Kevin Eimer
Enlightment wisdom teachings: Eckhart Tolle
Inspirational music: Loveology album by Suduaya

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